The Straits at The Albert Hall May 22 2011

May 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

I knew this wouldn’t be a simple affair, there was baggage, isn’t there always when you get to a certain age? We’d normally met with such a bang, but that was some time ago, maybe 20 years or something like that. This time the approach was far more ambulatory. A couple of mutual friends to reintroduce us, in their own right they were entertaining… but really it was you I wanted to see.

The lights went down, and we got straight in to some Private Investigations. But within seconds, what I’d been warned about hit me, you weren’t all there. And whilst it was you, (it looked like you, and sounded like you), it didn’t completely feel like you. As your words vibrated in to me, I felt a sadness, like a friend had died, had come to haunt me, and would be going away again soon… but you didn’t fade away, instead you wound yourself around me, lifted me from my seat and straightened me up again. I realised that my sadness was partially self-inflicted … I had grown older and your very presence served as a constant reminder for a while.

As you danced with me to songs the old you had sung to me and the new you had once played with the very same hands, movements neither of us could never forget, those same hands guided me still, and I let go. Your new look had its own appeal, something of you belonged to the old you, enough to keep me attached.

Now I am home, looking at the photos, uploading the videos, and rewinding my memory, I can feel it was a bitter sweet meeting. Oh you truly had me dancing, you made my spine tingle, and  your touch just blew me away, but the bit of you that wasn’t there, was always there, conspicuous by its absence. You were always good at being magical and this was definitely your latest trick.

*      *     *

If you’re a Dire Straits fan go see “The Straits” and take a trip down memory lane, it’s well worth it, but don’t expect it to be a particularly straight and narrow route, it’ll be rocky too… but we both know you like that.

For more info go to

Here’s a video I made:

The Straits performing Private Investigations May 22 2011 at The Royal Albert Hall

Simon Smith

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